Course curriculum

    1. Welcome! Let's Start with Detoxing What No Longer Serves

    2. Food Diary: Why tracking our behaviour and habits we want to change is essential.

    3. Brief Introduction on Intuitive Eating

    4. Understanding What Our Sugar Cravings are Telling Us

    5. Processed vs Real Food

    6. Sugar

    7. Gluten, what you need to know

    8. Dairy

    9. Products of Animal Origin

    10. Bonus: Alcohol for the Sober Curious

    1. Intuitive Eating and Our New Balanced Body

    2. The Mindset You Need to Develop Long-term Healthy Habits

    1. Pantry Audit: Adding In Plant-based Protein + Gluten-free Whole Grains

    2. Spices + Superfoods + Your Healthy Shopping List

    3. Everything You Need to Know About Your Gut Health + Why it is Essential

    1. How to find more time for Self-Care Rituals (Self-Love Rituals Challenge Day 1)

    2. Self-Love Journaling + Guided Meditation (Self-Love Rituals Challenge Day 2)

    3. Vegan Cheeseboard Workshop (Self-Love Rituals Day 3)

    4. Tools for Setting SMART goals for each season, and for 2021

    1. What is Mindful Movement + Why is it so Important?

    1. Meditation + Mindful Practices, Benefits and how to Get Started

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