Course curriculum

    1. Lisa Rachel Snyder, Unleash Your Wild, Tantric Intimacy Coach

    2. Lily Sokolov, Yoga Nidra, Healthy Habits + Mindfulness Coach

    3. Isabelle Gray, Quantum Healing + Hypnosis

    4. Michelle Fraser, Pelvic Floor Health Advocate + Educator for Empowerment

    5. Britt Gustafson, Heart Chakra Intensive

    6. Jane Clapp, Somatic Awareness, Embodiment of Awe

    7. Lisa Antoszek, Restorative Yoga + Functional Movement + Pilates

    8. Eliza Vignolle: Feminine + Emotional Embodiment Workshop + Movement Practice

    9. Ruth Douthwright, Mindful Movement, Tuning Scores for Movement + Stillness

    1. Restoring Your Trust in Your Feminine Energy

    2. Feminine Frequencies (video download link)

    3. Feminine Frequencies Reading List

    4. Feminine Frequencies Listening List

    1. What Is Human Design?

    2. Human Design: Understanding Your Profile Lines

    3. How to become Supernatural, your next level vibration

    4. Podcast: Unlocking the Unlimited Power of Your Mind + Healing Yourself through Thought with Dr. Joe Dispenza

    1. Becoming Supernatural, Quantum, Frequencies + Embodiment of Your Emotions Graphics from Dr. Joe Dispenza

    2. Empowerment Tools: Human Design, EFT Tapping, Different Guided Meditations, Forgiveness Ritual + Fear Inventory

    3. Forgiveness Ritual

    4. Fear Inventory

    5. Powerful Meditations

    1. Lauren Johnston: Learning to Lean into Our Feminine Power: Self-Trust + Emotional Intimacy = Empowerment

    2. Lika: How to Come Back to the Present Moment + Embody Your Truth

    3. Sophia (aka Fenika Fox): Group Tarot Card Reading + Becoming Her Visialization Technique

    4. Vanessa: Empowerment Hypnosis (pure audio file linked below for easy use)

    5. Lauren Tamayo: NLP Technique: Intention vs Unintentional Mental Model

    6. Chef Nathi Toro: Plant-based Cooking Class, Falafel + Tortillas with a RAINBOW of options to keep you creative

    7. Britt Gustafson: Healing Your Heart Chakra to find Ease + Empowerment

    8. Laura Niese: Feminine + Masculine Energy, The Arrows In Human Design

    9. Karolina Rzadkowolska: How to Align with your Playing Big + your Big Dreams

    10. Layla Loche: Dance Your Desire Into Existence, Sensual Movement Class

    11. Amanda Bybel: SMARTER Goal Setting + Next Level Manifestation

    12. Christine Michelle: How to Use Your Human Design as a Powerful Guide + Tool in Your Life

    1. Call #1 May 28th, Get to Know Each Other, Processing Guest Classes from May, Guided Meditation

    2. Call #2 June 30th, Quantum leaps, collapsing time + stepping into your new energetic frequency

    3. Call #3 July 28th, Respond vs React, Soul Inquiry Meditation + Journal Exercise, ALIGN + SHINE transformations + take-aways

    4. 2.0 Call #2: Embracing Our Inner Witch, Both + And, Rethink Death: what are we shedding this fall?

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